Monday, October 16, 2006

Personlized search engines

I went ahead and checked what's "custom search engine" fuss is all about. While building few custom engines.

Yahoo beats IMO, but not by much. It would have been nice if yahoo's tool mentioned that all it can handle is 25 sites. - gives you straight URL - which is nice, where Yahoo only gives you HTML code to embed into page, which is way too complicated if you want this tool to take off.

Since doesn't allow "script" tags in posts, yahoo example will have to wait for another time. Will have to think of something. Yahoo, any clues!?

Man, it's going to be nighmare for SEO guys like me, once this customization takes off. Everyones rankings will be DIFFERENT! Maybe I'll have to set up another 200 profiles for Web Position to run :)


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