Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I am very proud today!

Check top SEO firms case studies, say in Atlanta area (search for "atlanta search engine optimization" or "atlanta internet marketing") you will notice that they all show client start date & result date 12 to 18 months apart. That means - pay us for 1.5 years and maybe we will get results.

I am proud to announce that one site client we worked since September 2006, is now (January 2, 2007) is in top 10 google for at least 50 terms!! Big SEO firms in Atlanta - I will take all your clients AWAY!! Watch!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Rollyo - is on the roll

This is a great tool to search a lot of sites quickly!

Google Page Creator


I am getting better at this! I can do this and have some marketing fun on the way!
My new idea is to create few profiles on the web on all these hot sites. Then I will go in and change few things that only person that found all profiles would understand. Let's hope that person need marketing advice, since there will be no iPods given out.

My new SEO page.

Space Live page

Here is another one. I am keeping the promise.

I created another page about our search engine optimization and internet marketing firm

Friday, December 15, 2006


If you looking to choose a good blog platform, I suggest you look at wordpress.com. They have a lot more features & seems to be a lot more robust.

This is likely to be my winner to my future blogging about marketing online in Atlanta.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Swicki on internet marketing

OK, I found one site that is a little bit more useful than the previous site. Check it here.

Atlanta Marketing - Squidoo lens

Today I tested a few "hot sites" out there. One of them was squidoo.com.

I left confused...

Why these sites have so much buzz around them. Is it marketing? Or public relations firms at work? The site offers no value to me.

Anyone feel internet buble 2.0?

Stay tuned. I will be testing more of these hyped sites.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Google Website Optimizer

Google releases another unprecented PPC tool to help advertisers.

Read full review (with screenshots) here: http://www.systematicseo.com/optimizer.htm

Thursday, October 19, 2006

IE 7 - First security hole found

You can read about it here

A vulnerability has been discovered in Internet Explorer, which can be exploited by malicious people to disclose potentially sensitive information.

The vulnerability is caused due to an error in the handling of redirections for URLs with the "mhtml:" URI handler. This can be exploited to access documents served from another web site.

IE 7 - "We heard you!"

Internet Explorer 7 is released now.
"We heard you!" - is the campaign Microsoft is launching it under & is funny, since this exactly how I felt. I didn't want to switch to damn Firefox.

Google - hold on. Don't discount MS just yet. They will catch on & pass yahoo probably by end of 2007

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Phone Spam!

I have been promoting our new SEO site in past 2 weeks. Registered with few major directories, few vertical dirs and all Local search players (separate post about that).

I get a phone call today. From enhance.com. And it goes like this.
rep: "hey, we noticed you haven't completed registration. did the site die on you?"
me: "chmmm..., who are you? Let's see your site. OK, enhance.com. A, ok, i remember looking at it" (while thinking, this already sounds fishy and so 1990s) "so, you do advertising, what can you do for my site?"
rep: "we'll advertise you on 100,000 domains for 5-6 cents a click for search engine optimization industry"
me: "say, what? my keywords go $1 range!! Give me an example!"
rep: "websitedirectory.com"
me: "chmmm, this looks spammy. did i type it in incorrectly? do you have one more?"
rep: "Sure. try ged.com"
me: "ok, it looks exactly the same, so must be you. So you have 100,000 of these?"
rep: "yep, it's a great value. people comming in already very intrested in buying, blah blah blah..."
me: "thanks, not intrested"

Clearly this is pretty spammy & will only work for certain businesses. We stay away from questionable practices & gonna take a pass. Thanks.

This is email after the conversation:

Hi Mark,

Here is my contact information. Feel free to contact me in the future if you have any questions or if your would like to give us a try. A $50 deposit will get an account open and allow you to see what we can do for you. That money will go towards your traffic. There are no fees.

Here is a link that will give you an idea of what this network can do for you. Maybe I did a poor job of presenting the network. (http://www.dnjournal.com/cover/2006/september.htm) Best of luck!


Client Developer

E. XXXXXX@enhance.com

T. 800.840.XXXX x XXXX

T. 801.705.XXXX x XXXX

F. 801.705.7138

Enhance Interactive, Inc.

Delivering search marketing value.